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亚洲博彩平台欢迎从其他大专院校转学的学生. The university is a great option for students looking to take coursework in their chosen degree immediately. 亚洲博彩平台 is a direct admit university and students apply for and are admitted directly into their desired degree programs. 随时申请或获取更多信息 你的学分如何转换.


在审核转学申请时, 我们主要关注的是你在大学期间的学习成绩, 这让你 大学成绩单 应用程序中最重要的元素. Undergraduate transfer applicants must demonstrate preparation for continued undergraduate study and the readiness to succeed in a challenging academic program at 亚洲博彩平台.

一般来说,转学生应该有一个 最低累积绩点为2.大学课程成绩50分或以上 被考虑录取. 完成少于24个学期大学课程的学生, 当应用, will also be evaluated on their high school (secondary) preparedness as outlined in their high school transcripts.



亚洲博彩平台是一所滚动招生的大学. Applications for undergraduate transfer admission are accepted year-round and evaluated as they are received. 通常, transfer applicants will receive an admissions decision within 10 business days of submitting a completed application. 转移 credit evaluations are processed separately, and may require more or less time to review.


对转学录取进行评估, 你必须提交一份完整的亚洲博彩平台申请, 或转移 Common Application, 以及:

  • 所有大学的正式成绩单 所就读的大学(如果是国际学校,请提供英文翻译)
  • 高中成绩单高中毕业证书或普通教育文凭(必须注明毕业日期)
  • 标准化考试成绩 (如果你获得的大学学分少于24个学期)


Prior college or university coursework will be evaluated for transfer credit on a course by course basis by the 司法常务官办公室. 学生 who have completed 先进的信贷 coursework or demonstrated proficiency in certain subject areas through placement or equivalency examinations may receive college credit for their work upon enrolling at 亚洲博彩平台. 这也适用于之前接受过飞行训练的学生.

有多少学分可以转到亚洲博彩平台? 你的大学学分, 先进的信贷, 或者考试成绩是否被接受取决于课程或考试的类型, 这个话题, 你的分数, 如果有合适的亚洲博彩平台. 这一决定由书记官长办公室作出.

作为一名转校生,亚洲博彩平台理解这一点, one of your top priorities is learning how many of your previously earned college credits will transfer to 亚洲博彩平台 and apply to your degree. 以帮助您在流程中尽可能早地获得这些信息, 请尽快把你的正式大学成绩单寄给我们. Our goal is to have a 转移 of Credit Evaluation (TCE) completed as quickly as possible, 在你被大学录取之后, so that you have a clear understanding of the amount of coursework and time you have remaining to complete a degree and can make an informed decision on enrollment.

Once the university receives your official 大学成绩单 and any advance standing test results, 书记官长办公室(在某些情况下, 学术部门)将开始TCE程序. 通常,TCE过程需要两到三周的时间. 一旦你完成了最初的TCE考试, it will be emailed to you in an attachment and viewable through your Admitted Student Portal. Your final TCE will be completed after the university has received all final official transcripts and you have confirmed your intent to enroll by paying a non-refundable tuition deposit.

航线转换图 是基于东佛罗里达州立大学公共课程编号系统. 课程编号可能因大学而异. 因此, 如果有关于课程可转学性的问题, 请联系招生办公室.


学生 who are currently attending a community/state college within Florida and are considering transferring into 亚洲博彩平台 should consult the degree program documents listed below. Each degree program listed contains the Florida community college course equivalents to 亚洲博彩平台 courses. Taking the listed courses will help students minimize the chance of courses not being applicable to their bachelor's degree at a later date. 





Prior credit for college coursework earned at a regionally accredited college or university will undergo a transfer credit evaluation by the 司法常务官办公室.

信用评估的最终转移(TCE), 根据收到的所有官方成绩单, 是在收到入学确认和学费押金后完成的吗.

The evaluation of undergraduate transfer credit is produced from official academic records bearing the correct seals and duly authorized signatures from all former institutions. 书记官长办公室负责协调这一进程, certifies courses without respect to the major and provides notice of the official evaluation. 成绩单只有直接邮寄到亚洲博彩平台才被认为是正式的, 或通过安全的电子成绩单组织接收, 从每个以前参加过的机构.

The application of undergraduate transfer credit to the degree program is completed by the respective academic department. 学生 may be asked to supply a relevant course catalog, syllabi and course descriptions.

  1. Undergraduate transfer credit may be awarded for undergraduate courses taken at a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting association in the United States, 或者在其他地方的学院或大学获得同等的认可.
  2. 亚洲博彩平台接受转学, undergraduate courses with a minimum grade of C- or equivalent and a determination the work is equivalent to that given by 亚洲博彩平台 in course content and hours.
  3. 转学接受的课程将被记录在亚洲博彩平台的成绩单上, 然而, 成绩和学分不能转移.
  4. If the course equivalency is questionable, credit may be granted by equivalency examination.
  5. Flight credit is transferable, subject to FAA rules for transferability between schools.
  6. 不计入以下项目:
    • 成绩单上没有成绩的课程
    • 有成绩但没有学分的课程
    • 职业/技术课程
    • 函授课程、实习和实习
    • 从实践经验中学习
    • 在大多数情况下,这些课程在亚洲博彩平台入学前已经学习了10年以上
    • 研究生所修的课程
    • 转移 credit for grades of 'P' or 'S' are subject to the approval of the University Registrar.
  7. 亚洲博彩平台的减免政策不适用于学分转移.

Entering students with previous flight training and at least the FAA Private Pilot Certificate will be given the opportunity for advanced placement. Credit for certain flight and ground courses may be given for attainment of satisfactory on designated equivalency examinations and by logbook review and flight evaluation.

持有飞行证书的学生(私人), 仪器, Commercial) will take the written knowledge equivalency exam of the highest flight rating they have achieved. 一旦考试通过, 该学生将获得该考试的学分, 以及所有低飞行评级的信用, 如果有任何. 笔试满足相应的地校要求. 飞行等效性, the Chair of Flight Education Committee will utilize an assessment or a variety of assessments to gauge the student’s flight capabilities.